Lovely Mellow Youth
Lovely Mellow Youth
by Aimee Hembree

29 lessons i learned by 29


What’s up, people. Welcome back to yet another post in the life. Today it is my twenty-ninth birthday. So here I am, gracing you with my presence. You’re welcome.

Just kidding. Really, I wanted to come on here & just talk to y’all. I use my birthday each year as a time for a lil reflection. Looking back on the last 365 days and evaluating my growth. From this birthday to last, and possibly some additional months, have been just…interesting, man. Life truly does just happen to you + one thing I’ve learned is to just go with it.

Speaking of “learning”, let’s get into what today’s post is. As you can probably tell by the title, basically, I just thought I would break down for y’all 29 lessons I feel like I’ve learned by age 29. While these are most certainly not the only lessons I have learned in my vast 29 years of life, these are the ones that really stood out to me when I put pen to paper…or finger to keyboard. Whatever. So let’s just hop on into it.

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  1. Be kind. To everyone. Even people who aren’t kind to you.

  2. The importance of overall, general health. Just loving my body and put real effort into nourishing it.

  3. That being brave does not necessarily denote a lack of fear. Rather, it’s being scared but doing something anyway because it’s the right thing. Ned Stark said- when a man is afraid, that’s the only time he can be brave.

  4. Stand up for yourself, but do it without putting others down.

  5. Taking a pellet gun to the neck actually hurts like hell. (I also learned during this time that I have a higher tolerance for pain than I realized so *pats back*)

  6. How to file taxes.

  7. How to interview for a job. There is a real sort of art to it, I swear. I once went through a period where I interviewed for maaaany jobs in effort to escape a horrible one, but that’s for another post. My tip- do. your. research.

  8. Some people are only meant for a season of your life. Love those around you, but learn to let them go, if that time comes.

  9. How to play the trumpet + French Horn (high school band. *shrug*)

  10. How to rent a car. My tip- don’t. For some reason, I found the process entirely frustrating.

  11. How to be independent.

  12. How to vote. And I don’t mean the literal act, but the importance of knowing how to pick your candidate.

  13. How to say NO. To people, to situations, to anything that isn’t serving me.

  14. How to say YES. To new things, good things that are scary, to change.

  15. What it feels like to travel to a city and feel like your soul has found its home. That’s how Santa Monica felt to me. Seriously- Travel! As often as possible. I swear it’s like superfood for the soul.

  16. How to apply for an apartment (and create a budget to afford an apartment. Fun fact- I’ve never had a roommate.)

  17. What true failure feels like.

  18. How to put others before myself.

  19. How to put myself before others.

  20. What it feels like to have someone you love taken from this world.

  21. How to go after what you want. I mean, really, truly, tooth-and-nail-claws-dug, go after what you want. (and how to maintain it once you get it. Spoiler alert- hard work.)

  22. What true regret feels like.

  23. How to install a Carbon Monoxide detector.

  24. How to properly clean a boat. Thank you to my boyfriend for this random skill.

  25. That you need people. God put us on this earth at the same time for a reason. I have a tendency to take my independence to a level where I just literally want to do everything for myself by myself.

  26. How to use Limewire to make the dopest mixed CDs around. That I 100% still listen to.

  27. That having the last word is not always a virtue.

  28. Real, true happiness is found within. Only you can control the level at which something affects you. Only you can control how you react and what you carry with you. Choose to see the bright side, the silver-lining. There always is one. And when it’s bad, it won’t stay bad forever.

  29. Music is one of the most healing elements on the planet (IMO). I know that’s a weird #29. I sat for the longest, thinking about what my 29th lesson should be. Should it be, like, super deep? Metaphoric? It’s the last lesson, so it has to be the *best* one. But honestly, for the people closest to me in my life, this makes perfect sense. This would be the last, standout piece of knowledge. Music is everything to me, as it is for many people. I don’t have a single bone of musical talent, but I’m pretty sure I sang my first words, ya feel? I was listening to a super vibey playlist while I was writing this. As I lay with my eyes closed and my head leaned back against the wall, trying to conjure this last lesson, that’s when it hit me- light bulb! Music truly has healing properties. For me, at least. Just think of all the songs you love, how they make you feel. Are there songs that bring you to tears? Curb your anger? Am I the only one who can think of a song for, like, every stage of life? To describe a person I’ve loved? To speak my feelings for me? I highly, highly doubt it. Bob Marley said that music was a universal equalizer, and it really is. Music is my escape. I’ve carried this love my whole entire life, but for some reason in this very moment it hit me; how important of a role music has played for me. Listen to your favorite album or artist after this, okay? You’ll get what I’m saying!

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Well that’s it, loves. I hope you enjoyed this more personal, sort of inside look at a different side of me. I think reflection is so important. It’s the only way to keep tabs on how much you grow through life. Thank you all so much for being here + for always supporting this strange little journey I’ve sent myself on. Life is an interesting, beautiful ride and I’m glad we can be on it together.

I’d love to hear more about y’all, so run to my latest Insta post and leave me one random fact about yourself! Until next time, lil bitties.