Lovely Mellow Youth
Lovely Mellow Youth
by Aimee Hembree

Five Apps Everyone on Instagram Needs


Hello + Happy Monday, you beautiful beauties!

I always feel like I spend a good portion of my Monday morning trying to calculate how two days can go so fast, yet five feel like a lifetime. I spent a good portion of my Saturday being lazy(er than I probably should have) and then most of my Sunday, making up for it by working. Upside is, you know what they say about something you’re passionate about, it’s not always quite like work. Anyway, I was excited to write today’s post because I want to share something kind of fun and not style/beauty related with y’all. My Top 5 Apps that everyone on Instagram needs!

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Okay, now onto the post. One thing that may not be obvious about me, is my love for Instagram. Okay, I just bold-face lied to y’all! After learning someone’s name for the first time, I have to pretty much fight the urge to not  follow that up with “what’s your IG handle?!”

But really, when used in a positive manner, Instagram is a titan in social media. From your standard feed, to Stories, to IGTV; there are so many different avenues for content creation, all under one cute little roof. I’m constantly inspired by the different ways people I follow can find to share their content. For me, I try to make every edit, every story, every caption as “on brand” (aka as “me”) as possible. So today I’m going to breakdown the apps that I use to get the exact vibe I want on my feed!

 Let me know if y’all end up trying any of these or if you have some rock stars of your own you think I should try! My DMs are always open.


UNUM- For feed planning

I found out this little gem existed when a favorite blogger of mine shared it on her story. So basically UNUM is a feed planner. You can add as many grids as you need and import all the photos you plan to share. From there you can move them around, delete them, add new, etc. until your feed looks exactly how you want. It will also import your current IG feed so you can build from there. I love this because I can be so unorganized with my posting. My feed isn’t necessarily aesthetically perfect, but I do like to have a nice flow happening. Also- if I have sponsored or collaborator posts I KNOW I need to put up on a certain date, I can place that content anywhere on the grid and plan out what I should post up to then.  UNUM has saved me from many panic attacks regarding this!


Unfold- For cool stories/fun collage edits

If you haven’t heard of Unfold, you may need to remove the rock you’ve been under. LOL no, but really. I feel like just about everyone is using Unfold in some way on IG. Unfold allows you to do an array of collages, from multiple pics, pics within pics, pics and text together. You name it. I love Unfold’s ripped paper format for my stories. Just kind of adds a lil pizzazz to things.


Touchretouch- For perfect editing

Okay, now before you jump to conclusions about retouching a photo, hear me out. I would never condone altering your face or body. Howeverrrr, sometimes you have in mind an image that you want, but there’s something keeping you from your exact vision. Maybe you want a photo of the ocean, but there’s a guy in a kayak floating by. Maybe there’s a wall that you know will make a killer backdrop for your OOTD, but there’s an ugly, rusted drain pipe going down it. TouchRetouch has this awesome “object removal” tool that literally erases objects from your photos! No more stressing about ugly trashcans in the background or a car that just doesn’t match your color aesthetic.


Lightroom CC Mobile- For editing/using presets

At this point, just about everyone is either using a preset or selling one. There seems to be mixed reviews on the use of presets. Personally, they have saved me maddening hours of trying to create edits I want. To access my presets, I use the Lightroom CC Mobile app. You can also use the desktop version, but there’s the monthly subscript that comes along with it. If you’ve used a preset, you know that they don’t always acheive the desired effect with one click. Most of the time you have to adjust the skin tone and the exposure. I like to play around with the blues and greens in mine as well as take some of the yellow down. Lightroom gives the user sooo much control over each individual aspect of the photo. It’s also the perfect place to create your own presets, if you’ve got the eye! (ya girl does not!)


8MM Camera- for vintage style vids

This is a fun one to leave y’all with. One of my favorite ways to share content on Instagram is through my Story. IG already offers more than enough fun tools to spicy up your Stories (it’s rare that I post a story not using a GIF, let’s be honest) but sometimes you just want a little extra flair. I love using 8MM when I want to take quickie videos showing off my day, maybe an event I’m at, a really killer vintage store. 8mm lets you play around with so many different filters and glitch effects!

That’s the roundup, hunnies! Hopefully y’all found an app or two you haven’t used before and are interested in trying! I’m really into sharing the little tippy’s I’ve learned along the way for really enhancing or personalizing my social media and definitely plan to share more with y’all in the future! Until then, don’t forget to checkout CaseApp and use code AIMEEHEMBREE20 for 20% off your cutie case!

Talk soon babes.

xoxo, Aimee