Lovely Mellow Youth
Lovely Mellow Youth
by Aimee Hembree

Cheap face masks that get the job done!



 Happy Sunday Funday, little beans! Sunday is easily my favorite day of the week. I know it’s the last day of the weekend, but there is just such a relaxing vibe on Sunday’s. It’s like the whole world just moves slower + quieter.

Sunday’s, for me, are usually spent at home getting things done before the work week starts. I like to do laundry, clean the house, maaaaybe go grocery shopping depending how motivated I am to get out of my pj’s! But, aside from getting my house in order, I also like to do a little self care. This varies from doing some hair treatments, self tanning, or - in this week’s case - do some deep skin care with some of my favorite face masks from, wait for it….Walmart! Yes- I do not go to trendy makeup stores or an Instagram ad for my face masks. I go to the ever classic Walmart.

I have discovered the holy grail of face masks, y’all. With varying brands like YesTo and Maskology (my personal favorite), I did a bit of a mask haul this weekend and as always, I’ll have them linked so you babes can shop. As someone with a fun mix of sensitive and acne prone skin, skincare is a huge priority for me. I love to do face masks a couple of times a week to really elevate my routine. My go to’s are usually ones that purify the pores, which is essential for acne prone skin. The cleaner the pores, the softer the texture! (oh heey charcoal bubble sheet mask!) But I also live for a good moisturizing mask (hello Watermelon mask!) especially in the Summer, when I’m spending much more time in the sun.

As a little added bonus, I invested in a jade roller. Well, invested may be a stretch because you can usually find them on Amazon for less than 20 bucks. I actually found mine at TJ Maxx for $13. I’m doing a full blog post on the phenomenon that is jade rolling vv soon, so keep an eye out of that. But, basically, a jade roller works great with face masks, as it really massages the serum into your skin.

I’ve tried just about every type of face mask under the sun, some costing as much as $23. So to find these hidden gems at Walmart (all go for $2.50, or you can do 2 for $5!) and they actually get the job done, has been a game changer for my Sunday self care! Check out the (shoppable!) list below of my favorite, affordable masks.

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Talk soon, babes

xo- Aimee