Lovely Mellow Youth
Lovely Mellow Youth
by Aimee Hembree

Beauty Hacks: Buying Sets & Minis

Okay, so have y’all ever heard the quote “Champagne taste on a Bud Light budget”?! Anyone? It may be a Kentucky thing.

Anyway- this quote perfectly describes who I am when it comes to my beauty buys. I mean, let’s just be real, this shit is going ON MY FACE. Ain’t nobody got time for weird reactions, products that don’t work, and color ranges with a total of four shade options! Basically, I’ve had to find ways over the years to get what I want without breaking my bank. And I am so very happy to share this lil hack with you babies.


Buying Sets

Have you all noticed around the holidays, you walk into Ulta or Sephora and are just bombarded with so many “gift set” options?! This is a great way for brands to sell multiple products from a certain collection. It’s also equally awesome for consumers, as we’re getting something worth $50 for $25! Babes! Keep your eyes peeled when shopping in store or online. These sets are out year round! They may not be on prominent display, but they’re there!

For instance, I LOOVE Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Bronzer in the shade “Park Ave Princess” (not the matte one, though. The one with a lil highlight in it, y’know?!) It is literally the prettiest cool-toned bronzer I’ve seen!

This bronzer retails for $30. On their website, you can pick up Tarte’s Girls Just Wanna Have Sun set. Which includes mini sizes of their Brazilliance Self-Tanner, Better Body bronzing body contour, a Brazilliance face tanning towelette, annndd the Amazonian Clay Bronzer in Park Ave. Princess! (the highlight one, for those keeping tabs!)

This set retails for $12!

Yes, you get the mini sizes vs. full. B U T that mini will last me 4(ish) months and I get all those other goodies!

Buying Travel Size (or mini)

These clutch-friendly cuties pack a whole lot of punch! Take my Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil, as an example. On the right is the full size, on the left is the “mini”. The ONLY difference between these two cuties…is a spoolie. Y’know, the little brush to comb out your brow?! Yep. That’s it. If you just *need* said spoolie, you’re looking at $24 charge on your card. Buuut, if you’re cool with buying $1 spoollies at drug stores, you can cut that right in half and get good (gooood) brows for only $12! You read that right- you’re getting the same. exact. product (sans spoolie!) for literally half the price.

This ones an easy hack. All you have to do is be a freak like me, and literally compare the products in store, before you buy. I will stand, staring at the same products for 5 minutes if it’s going to get me 50% off for exactly what I want. (sans spoolie 😉)

Get the mini  here!  Get the full size  here!

Get the mini here! Get the full size here!

Pick up my favorite foundation  here!

Pick up my favorite foundation here!

Another lil hack, that’s not really a hack even, but a cool way to try out product for cheap; sign up for a beauty subscription service. Like Ipsy or Birch Box. If you haven’t tired these (I’ve done both!), you pay around $15-ish a month and get 4-5 products. You can even take a little quiz to make sure your subscript is personalized to you.

Well that’s going to be it for this check-in, loves! Hopefully you found something to help your wallet feel just a little bit heavier. I’m off to enjoy this three day weekend!

Talk soon babes,