Lovely Mellow Youth
Lovely Mellow Youth
by Aimee Hembree

Cruelty Free Makeup Brands You need right now!


I’m back, y’all! Like I never left!

Been neglecting this sweet lil bloggy for a bit. Life just happens sometimes, man. So, lil bit about me, I work a full-time corporate-esque job. Which means I spend Monday-Friday sitting at a desk, staring at a computer from 8am to 5pm. It’s pretty much the most glamorous thing in my life. N O T. But it is a catalyst as to why I have been neglecting Lovely Mellow. Which trust me, I know the old saying, if it’s important enough you’ll make time for it. I knOoOowww. Basically ya girl is working on a posting schedule and you’ll be seeing more of me!

But that’s not why we’re here. Today we’re going to talk about something that I’ve taken upon myself to try and convince everyone I ever meet in life to switch to: cruelty free makeup brands! *cue the angelic music*

I cringe at the thought that there was once a time that I would use any kind of makeup. Came in a child’s toy? don’t care. Full of chemicals? throw it in the bag!

I have truly elevated, y’all. So today I’m going to school y’all on some good good aka my favorite cruelty makeup brands. Spoiler alert: they’re all affordable! Let’s get into it.


Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte is easily my holy grail of makeup. The first product I ever used was an eye shadow palette, The Dream Catcher palette, to be exact! From there I evolved to the Shape Tape concealer (which oddly is not my favorite product as it is most people’s). At this point I could not live without my Amazonian Clay Foundation or my cool-tone bronzer in Park Ave Princess. What I love most about Tarte is not just the fact that they’re cruelty free, but they are completely natural-based products. I have actually seen an improvement in my skin since switching to Tarte foundation!

Also- I’ve recently become OBSESSED with Tarte’s self tanner! Ya’ll gotta check it out.

Shop some of my favorite Tarte products here.


Kat Von D Beauty

Okay, so pretty much everyone in the English speaking language is aware of Kat Von D. If you know her from back in the day, like reality t.v. in it’s prime kind of back in the day, you remember her as the bad ass chick that tatted her way into our hearts on Miami Ink and then later took the lead on her own spin-off: LA Ink. Since then Kat Von D has become a household name in beauty. Not only does the girl know her makeup, churning out high quality products like the infamous Tattoo Liner, but her entire line is V E G A N. VEGAN! Meaning her products are about as far away from animals as you can get. And all at a very reasonable price point (Foundations retail for around $30 and eyeliners start at $19).

You can pick up some Kat Von D products here! Make suuuure you cop that tattoo liner!


Alright alright alright! we’ve talked about some mid-range price point brands, now let’s talk about some more “affordable” brands. Here’s the thing, buying cruelty free or vegan is a high, HIGH priority for me. Not supporting brands who refuse to raise their standard of production is a big factor as to why I’m willing to splurge, but also, like I kind of care about my skin, y’know!? I want to make sure I’m putting quality product on my face. That being said, we’re not here to break the bank. So let’s talk about some lower price point brands.


NYX Cosmetics

NYX is suuuch an affordable brand, with some products as low as $4! NYX is a bit of a wild card, though. NYX is owned by powerhouse distributor, L'Oreal. Even in today’s conscious driven world, L'Oreal is still not a cruelty-free brand. However, they do house some “cruelty free” brands under their umbrella, including NYX. This is controversial to some, because obviously if you’re supporting NYX, you’re supporting L'Oreal. But i’m here to breakdown some actual cruelty free brands for y’all, not get into an Ethics debate.

moving on…

NYX is PETA approved and in 2018 they rolled out an extensive list of vegan products!

Peep my favorite setting spray.


Wet ‘n Wild Beauty

Wet ‘n Wild is like a Juicy Couture track suit, it never reallllly goes out of style. I feel like Wet ‘n Wild was everyone’s first makeup brand. We all died for their shimmer shadows and body glitter in middle school, amirite?!

Well this old skool brand is totally revamped and now cruelty free! Don’t sleep on them, y’all, Wet ‘n Wild’s quality of product is easily comparable to the higher priced items on this list!

Get the highlighter I can’t live without!



In 2018, Covergirl did the damn thing! Finally, this prominent brand got with the program and went cruelty-free! Not just that, but they’re Leaping Bunny approved, which means they do not sell in countries that require animal testing on cosmetics. Elle Wood’s style *snaps* for Covergirl!

Shop my ride or die mascara!

Inspired to switch out some products in your beauty bag yet? I hope so! Check out a more extensive list of cruelty free makeup brands here. In the meantime, I’ll catch y’all in the next one.

Talk soon babes.

xoxo, Aimee