Lovely Mellow Youth
Lovely Mellow Youth
by Aimee Hembree

How I Whiten My (Sensitive) Teeth at Home



What’s up, y’all! I’m back- again. I promise these hiatuses are not always going to be so lengthy. While this blog was meant to be an extension of my Instagram, a place where I could elaborate on the topics I want to gush about with you guys, I definitely didn’t intend to always have so much lag time in between posts. I’ve been working on a “re-branding” of sorts. I’ll be real with you guys, I kind of got lost in the sauce of IG for a minute and have been re-directing myself back to why I started this journey in the first place. Make sure you stop by my Instagram to keep up with all the newness; lots to catch you guys up on! But for now- let’s get to why we’re here today.

 I’m so excited to share with y’all my new teeth whitening routine, as of late. Y’all know me- I am an aaaaviiid coffee drinker. Cold brew, dark brew, new brew- I D C. Gimme all the grounds. Sadly though, while coffee is good for my soul, it is not good for my pearly whites (which honestly were becoming less + less pearly). So when Smile Brilliant reached out to me for a collaboration, I knew I could not turn this down! Today I’m going to breakdown how I started my whitening process, how I use my tray’s, and the big question do they actually work? Spoiler alert- THEY DO! let’s get started.



Step One: Make Your Molds

Okay, so Smile Brilliant gets so many brownie points from my OCD self for organization. They send you LITERALLY everything you need all in one convenient kit. When I first received my kit, I had to make molds of my teeth (which Smile Brilliant will use to create your custom whitening trays). To do this, I took the two-part putty mixes and mixed them together to create the base for my mold. Filling the forms with the putty, I pressed them into my teeth; it was almost similar to pressing in a mouth guard, for all my athletes out there! Along with all the other goodies in your kit, you’ll also have an instruction card that lays out exactly how to create and fit your molds; super easy! Smile Brilliant also included an extra set of putty mix, just in case there are any mishaps. Once I created the molds, I shipped them back in the pre-paid mailer included with my kit.

 In a few short days, I received my custom trays in the mail and was so ready to get started!



Step Two: Time to Whiten

The first thing I do, before putting in my trays, is brush my teeth with plain water, no toothpaste! Fluoride in toothpaste can actually mess with the whitening agents in the gel you’ll use. Next, I fill my trays with a thin streak of gel, dry my teeth off a bit, and pop those babies in! A good rule of thumb for the gel- a little goes a long way! I use only about a third of the syringe for each whitening session. My teeth can be a little sensitive, so I keep my trays in for around 45-50 min, but you can leave them in for up to three hours! Imagine how many episodes of Friends you could binge watch in that time! Speaking of sensitivity, Smile Brilliant totally had me covered in that area! Along with my trays and whitening gel syringes, I was also sent a few syringes of desensitizing gel. This stuff works wonders, y’all! After I whiten, I brush my teeth (this time with toothpaste) and pop the trays back in, now with a thin strip of desensitizing gel, and chill for about 15 min. Another good trick- put a thin layer of coconut oil or Vaseline on your gums before whitening. Kind of protects that area, y’know?


Step Three: REPEAT!

Repeat the process as many times as needed (up to 14 days) to achieve your desired results. I did about two weeks of whitening sessions, and let me tell y’all- I am IN love with this brand! I like to pop my trays in, kick back on the couch, and catch up on an episode or two (or three or four) of my favorite show or put on a face mask and make it a full on self-pampering session!

If you’ve read this far and you’re still not convinced- just try it for yourself! You can get your very own at-home whitening kit, or any other product, on Smile Brilliant’s site + use code lovelymellowyouth15 to save 15% at checkout!


Not only does their process work, but the gel (whitening + desensitizing) are both VEGAN! I know that perked some ears up!  


I have loved my teeth whitening experience with Smile Brilliant so much that I’ve teamed up with them to give one of you babes a FREE teeth whitening kit valued at $149!!


Here are my Before + After’s!