Lovely Mellow Youth
Lovely Mellow Youth
by Aimee Hembree

my 2019 mantras

So I couldn’t very well launch my blog at the beginning(ish)of the year without writing a 2019 Resolution(ish) post. 
2018 was…an interesting year for me. I definitely wouldn’t pop it in the “bad” category. Just a year of transitions.

Last year, I lost two of the best friends I had. Girls who knew my every thought. Girls I had cried with. Laughed with. Fought with. Traveled with. We saw each other at the highest highs and lowest lows. But sometimes life happens and no matter how far you dig your claws into something, it can easily be ripped away. So RIP to those friendships, right? 

I also started a new job in 2018 (well technically at the end of 2017, but I was most definitely still getting my sea legs in the beginning of 2k18). Which is one I am so thankful for, but the trade off was walking away from the comfort of a job I’d been at for almost three years. (It’s easily been the best decision I’ve made professionally)

And then, I got the bright idea to start the baby of a blog you’re reading now. I can’t even really remember what sparked this idea in my head. It’s almost like a little Easter egg that’s just been sitting in the depths of my mind, just waiting for me to find and put in my basket! This has been the most frustrating and fulfilling journey I’ve sent myself on. From opening up the “techie” side of my brain, to letting go of stubbornness and asking for help from people who know what they’re doing, and of course putting myself on display for the world to pick apart (or love. We’ll just have to see!) 

Moving on.

I’ve come into 2019 so mentally healthy. So confident. So full of love and gratitude and…just straight up fire! So instead of picking “resolutions” I’ve decided to share three quotes with you guys that will truly be my mantras for this year. And I’ll break down why I love them. 

Let’s get started. 


Self confidence

If you haven’t heard this quote before, it’s one our dear childhood friend, Christopher Robin said to lil Pooh Bear. I’ve been obsessed with this quote for as far back as I can remember, and not just for its nostalgic properties. Its such a simple, but beautiful reminder to ourselves that we are so much more than we sometimes give ourselves credit for.

This especially resonates with me now as I set out to accomplish new goals this year. Its so easy to allow doubt to creep into your ear. Its so easy to get kind of “lost in the sauce” of comparison. But I’ve learned (and am still learning…) to take a deep breath and just trust in myself.



Blogging (or “Influencing”) is a lot like working for yourself. You have to wake up every day and hold yourself accountable. You have to train yourself, rely on yourself, and yes, even sometimes discipline yourself. But that definitely does not mean this is a one-man show. You need a support system. You experience a good amount of negativity when you decided to step outside the box. The silver lining in that is you’re almost forced to notice the people who refuel your life with positivity. I have a very hard time relinquishing control (kind of a freak about it, if I’m being real). It’s not always easy for me to lean on people. This year I really want to take the time to show proper gratitude to the people who, not only have helped me on this journey, but have really stuck with me. I’m very particular and can sometimes be a bit hard-headed and yet, these people still had patience with me and have walked right alongside me as I’ve manifested my ideas.


Stepping outside of comfort zones

Going back to that “control freak” thing, I definitely have slacked on stepping outside of comfort zones throughout my life. If I can think of an outcome that I can’t do anything about, I pretty much would say “no” to it immediately. This is sort of about becoming a “yes” man but in a healthy, life exploration sort of way. I stumbled on this particular quote and it immediately resonated with me. Just go for it. Why not?! Nothing exciting ever came from someone feeling comfortable. Life is right outside of the square I built around myself, and I crave it. I want to soak it in like a lil baby sponge. I want to be able to say “hey, I’ve tried that!” about, like, everything! So from here on out, if it scares me…I’m definitely doing it!

That’s it. Those are the words I’m going to actively try every day to follow. I hope that one of these spoke to you. I hope that something in this post helped light a fire inside of you that will fuel you all year long! 
I’m also really obsessed with inspirational quotes. So if you’ve got some good ones of your own, DM on Instagram! I’ll start a collection. 

Talk soon babes.