Lovely Mellow Youth
Lovely Mellow Youth
by Aimee Hembree

One skirt, Three WAys



What’s up lil babies.

Welcome back to another post in the life. Oh- and happy summer! Summer finally decided to show up in Kentucky. It honestly rained for the entire month of June. June Gloom is a real thing even on the east coast, my friends.

So, anyway, today I’m going to share with y’all a little style tippity-tip. Small confession time- I have a substantial amount of clothes. Not anything, like craaazy, but enough that my boyfriend feels the need to call attention to it from time to time (…not that anyone asked him.) Aside from just genuinely enjoying the act of shopping, I have a hard time getting rid of anything. Seriously. Anytime I try, I just talk myself out of it. Feeding myself and falling for the same line that I “might wear it some day”.

Realizing this about myself, I’ve been in the mood to purge a bit, lately. So while this means cleansing myself of pieces that haven’t seen the light of day in, ehhhh, we’ll just say a long time; it also means I’m lowering my options of outfits. In order to not always be offensively outfit repeating, I’ve really been playing around with pieces I love and seeing how many ways I can style them.

Sooo today I’m going to take one of my favorite skirts and show you all how I would style it for work, brunch (or drinks!) with the girls, and date night.

Let me know what style is your favorite + as per usual, everything I could find will be linked for your shopping pleasure


Outfit 1- Work Day

For a work appropriate look- I paired the skirt with a little linen button down, fitting for the theme of summer! I slid on a pair of neutral flats and grabbed a little cross body. Obviously, no work wear look is complete without my bluelight lenses.

Shop the look:


Blouse (similar)

Flats (similar)

Bluelight Lenses

Bucket Bag (similar)



Outfit 2- Girl Time

This outfit was my favorite of the three. Perfect for any type of girl time situation. Happy hour after work? Just switch out the button down for a cool graphic tee, pull on some white sneakers, and throw your hair up! Instant “cool girl” vibes with little to no effort.

Shop the look:

Poison Tee

Air Force Ones

Backpack (similar)


Wrap Necklace


Outfit 3- Date Night

Okay, so I don’t know about you, ladies, but even after almost 10 years together I reallllly try for my man! EL OH EL no but seriously. He sees me in sweats with no makeup probably a good 80% of the time. So when it’s date night, I put a good amount of effort into my physical appearance. I just like want to feel like I still have it, y’know? Y’all know.

Shop the look:

Crop top (similar)

Shoes (similar)

Bag (similar)

Choker Set


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xo’s, Aimee