Lovely Mellow Youth
Lovely Mellow Youth
by Aimee Hembree

Podcasts that will change your life


Okay, so we may have gotten a little *dramatic* in the title, but y’all get the point.

What’s up, little babies. Coming back at ya with another post today. I wanted to share with y’all a resource that has truly been a game changer for me: Podcasts. Okay, so when podcasts, like, first hit mainstream I was NOT into them. Like, why did I want to sit around and just listen to people talk..? *crickets* buuut then, like many other things I love, I finally caved and gave them a chance.

Podcasts, in my opinion, are still a bit underrated as a real, educational resource. Sure, they’re great for entertainment purposes (please give me all the true crime, okay!), but it’s also such a great way to very easily educate yourself on a topic you’ve been wanting to know more about, a new topic, or even a walk of life different from yours. The best part is that, unlike a video, you can be productive doing other things while expanding ya brain a little bit. I’m usually getting ready for work when I listen. So today, I’m going to breakdown four of my favorite podcasts for y’all. Ones I really think anyone can find something to listen to. Lets get into it.



The Skinny Confidential Him + Her Podcast

If you’re active on Instagram, like at all, then you probably know who Lauryn Evarts is. If you don’t- peep her Barbie themed, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed! So, Lauryn is like an OG blogger. She saw the scene coming before soooo many people. Her blog, The Skinny Confidential, is such an empowering space for women. She breaks it all the way down for you. The best part? To me, is that this self proclaimed “guinea pig” shares so many affordable life hacks + products. On to the podcast…So along with her husband, Michael Bosstick, Lauryn does a weekly podcast aptly called Him + Her. The interview style show is really more conversational. Michael + Lauryn both equally thirst for knowledge so the flow of conversation is so smooth. What I think makes this podcast so valuable is the range of people they interview. From big wigs in sports like Tim Grover to Nutrition Science specialists like Dr. Steven Gundry, everyone you know can find an episode to benefit from. Want to hear about taking a idea you came up with in your kitchen to one of the most successful brands today? Check out the episode with the Founders of Kopari Beauty. Need help finding courage to be your authentic self? Benito Skinner’s (aka BENNY DRAMA) episode is the one you want. Seriously, you have to give this one a listen.

Episode Recs:

Episode 157- Shaman Durek

Episode 173- Maria Forleo

The Real Reel with Natalie Barbu

So I feel like (mostly) everyone watches YouTube more than they do actual t.v. now. I am 100% one of those people. No seriously, some nights I won’t even turn my t.v. on. (don’t @ me)

One of my favorite youtubers is definitely Natalie Barbu. Natalie is a definition of boss babe. Not only is her YouTube channel v successful (like over 200k successful), but she also runs an online clothing boutique, Shop Barbu, with her two sisters. Side note- ya girl did a little brand repping for SB and I broke down what that was like in this post! Natalie is also a FULL TIME industrial engineer. This girl really does it. all. and somehow still found the time to create a podcast called, The Real Reel. Even just six episodes in, The Real Reel has covered an array of walks of life. Topics like picking up your whole life and moving across the country on a whim to how an 18-year old started her own (successful!) clothing line. The Real Reel pulls the curtain back on the highlight reel and takes a peek at the real side of life.

Episode Recs:

Episode 1- Natalie Barbu

Episode 4- Katy Colvin



Recovering from Reality with Alexis Haines

Does the name Alexis Haines ring a bell to any of you? No? Okay, well how about Alexis Neiers? Still not hitting home? Let’s try “The Bling Ring”? If you’re a pop culture nut, like me (seriously, it’s edging on certifiable, but let’s not go there!), then you probably remember the 2009 scandal where a group of young Hollywood kids ran rampant, robbing celebrity homes, think the like of Orlando Bloom. This clan of burglarizing hotshots was later called The Bling Ring. Staying with me? So who is Alexis Neiers? Anyone remember the short lived reality show Pretty Wild. that aired on the E! Channel? Alexis and her two sisters were the stars of this show which followed the girls (all in their mid to late teens) as they ran wild around Hollywood. The show also covered Alexis’ involvement with, you got it, the Bling Ring. Fast forward 10 years later- Alexis, now in her late 20s, has battled (and beaten!) a decade long addiction, as well as, self love + body image issues. Finding spirituality after becoming a mother, Alexis started Recovering from Reality and is opening up for the first time about her struggles; with addiction, navigating life as a young socialite in Hollywood, and what it was like being on a reality show in midst of everything. As the title kind of entails, the show does have a central theme of overcoming substance abuse. But don’t knock it just because it has a heavier undertone than others, this ear worm of a podcast is an easy listening, raw look at finding self acceptance + a deep appreciation for this thing called life.

Episode Recs:

Episode 3- Rochelle McLean (ps. she’s married to a Backstreet boy!)

Episode 4- Bob Forrest

Blogging, Unscripted with Danielle Gervino

So, I really just wanted to throw this one in here for funnings. While this podcast may not touch on the heavier or controversial sides of life that keep us coming back for more like the others, it is HIGH key an amazing tool for anyone already in the blogging sphere or those wanting to jump into it. A New York based blogger, who has huge collabs featured on her envy worthy Instagram, with brands like Vici Dolls and DSW under her belt, Danielle is an endless well of pertinent information for bloggers. From SPECIFIC tips on curating a killer media kit to constructing the perfect pitch email, Blogging, Unscripted is one you really need to lend an ear to!

Episode Recs:

Episode 3- 7 Strategies to Boost Engagement

Episode 7- Guide to Pitch Process


Well, there’s the round up, lil bitties! I’m always, always on the look out for a new podcast to add to the playlist, so if y’all have any suggests- drop them in the comments on my latest instagram post!

Until next time..!

Talk soon babes.

xoxo, Aimee