Lovely Mellow Youth
Lovely Mellow Youth
by Aimee Hembree

Sweater Weather

Is it summer yet?!?! According to my ever-knowledgeable Google app, there are 138 days (from the time I’m writing this post) left of sweater weather here in Kentucky. Which, tee bee ach, that’s fine with me because I can really live for a good chunky knit! So, I’m going to share with you guys a few of my favorites from this season and how I like to style them.

(As always, I’ll link the looks for, y’all!)


Mr. Rogers Vibes

One thing we’re seeing so much of are printed sweaters. Y’know, the kind your grandpa Joe probably wore to Thanksgiving this year?! I can’t get enough of these “old man” style knits. With their muted tones, it makes it so much easier to rock these bold patterns without having to shield your eyes from too-bright color schemes as well!

Shop this look!  Sweater   OTK Boots

Shop this look! Sweater OTK Boots


Another trend we saw this year was the rise of popularity in over-sized items. I’ll be honest with you guys (as per the usual) I was not here for that trend at first. I have a very petite frame so I just knew anything labeled “over sized” would swallow me. and not in a “this is on purpose” kind of way. We’re here to break molds, babes! So that’s what I did (at least in my mind) with this great “basic” of an over-sized knit. I tucked the sweater into my skirt to create some type of shape on the body. Any piece can work for any body type, if you find a way to properly style!

My sweater is on sale!  Grab it here

My sweater is on sale! Grab it here

Other Styles I’m obsessed with

Wearing cardigans buttoned up and on their own is another fun way to style your knits. Pop a lacy bralette on underneath for a little extra layering. And of course, there’s the always in style sweater dress. With some really killer over the knee boots, you’ve got an instantaneous hot ‘fit.

That’s going to do it for this post, lovelies. See ya’ll in my next one!

Talk soon babes,