Lovely Mellow Youth
Lovely Mellow Youth
by Aimee Hembree

Why I Sage Cleanse

Hi babies!

Welcome back to another post-in-the-life. In today’s post, I’m going to breakdown why I use sage cleansing (or smudging) to air out my living space. Bad energy is a real thing! And some days it can hang on you like a thick, dark fog. You don’t need all that dimming your shine! So let’s talk about this out-of-the-box method for refreshing your mind and space. Set your intentions and let’s get into it!


What is sage cleansing (or “smudging”)

Well, according to Wiki- Sage Cleansing is “a ceremony practiced by some indigenous peoples of the Americas, that involves the burning of sacred herbs, in some cases for spiritual cleansing or blessing”

Basically- we’re going to get all that bad juju out of your living and working spaces pronto, babes!

I’m obsessed with cleansing and have been since I was a tiny wee one. My mom was into alll of those hippie life hacks. So I was born and raised under a haze of incense laced air.


Benefits of Sage Cleansing

  • The most-used types of sage have antimicrobial properties. This means they keep infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi at bay!

  • Studies show certain types of sage, such as White Prairie Sage, as an important traditional remedy for treating anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. Also- contains compounds that can improve sleep and soothe anxiety. (sign me up, right?!)

  • Works as a great {chemical-free} air freshener and odor controller.

  • Allowing sage to smolder, has shown to offer calming effects that can lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and regulate breathing. So, let it chill out in a dish while you chill out!

  • Clears negative energy (the “MVP” of benefits!) The smoke from your smudging stick, helps to change the molecular structure of both the air and energy, producing a cleansing effect.

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Sage Bundles (Photo Credit:  )

Sage Bundles (Photo Credit: )

How To cleanse

First, gather your supplies!

  1. Sage Bundle (or smudge stick) easily found at most natural-based health shops

  2. Some sort of small bowl to catch the ashes. ( I recommend a cutie ceramic one. Make it a vibe, y’know?!)

  3. Large feather or fan for fanning smoke (this is *optional*, IMO)


Light the end of your sage stick (blow it out, if it catches fire!) Once the ends start to smolder (or create a thick smoke), direct the smoke throughout the area you’re cleansing. Some practices suggest moving around your space in a clock-wise direction, ending up where you started. Make sure you’re setting intentions for this practice. Whether you say them aloud or in your head, generate a positive thought flow for what type of energy you want in your world. Use your cutie bowl to catch the ashes.

Like I said- I looove a good cleanse! (of all sorts, actually, but that’s a post for another day). I truly believe, if you set the right intentions, this practice can be so beneficial. If you end up trying sage cleansing for the first time, or have tips + tricks of your own- DM on Insta and let’s chat about it!

Talk soon babes.